Solutions For Broken Teeth

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Teeth can break due to dental trauma or sometimes just due to wear & tear from chewing and eating over time, and if your tooth breaks, this can be a big hassle. Broken teeth cause a lot of discomfort and often are expensive to fix.

If you have a broken tooth that hurts, you need to see a dentist right away, but if your tooth isn’t causing pain, you may be able to restore your tooth with Shiny Smile Veneers. Get all the details and explore your options below.

broken teeth solutions

What Are My Options For Covering & Restoring A Broken Tooth?

You’ve got a few options to fix a broken tooth at the dentist, including:

  • Dental bonding & fillings – Bonding and fillings typically cost between $300 and $600 per tooth. They use a special dental composite to fill and reshape the tooth, replacing the broken section with a tooth-colored material.
  • Dental cap or crown – Dental crowns, also called “caps,” usually cost between $1,100 and $1,500 per tooth. They use a tooth-shaped shell of porcelain to fix a broken tooth. This shell will cover a broken tooth all the way down to your gum line.
  • Dental implant – Dental implants cost between $1,000 and $2,500 per tooth. They require your broken tooth to be extracted. Then, it’s replaced with a metal post that supports a durable dental crown, which imitates the natural structure and appearance of your tooth, restoring it completely.

Wondering if you have any other options for less severe breaks that aren’t causing pain? You do! At Shiny Smile Veneers, we offer clip on veneers that can fix broken teeth quickly and for a low cost.

Clip On Veneers From Shiny Smile Veneers

Clip on veneers consist of a full set of plastic teeth that snap onto your natural teeth, and cover up your entire smile! They can be used to cover up broken teeth, chips, stains, gaps in your smile, and more.

At Shiny Smile Veneers, we offer clip on veneers that are convenient, comfortable, and totally affordable. You can pay $570 for top and bottom veneers, or $370 for a bottom or top veneer. We can even split the cost of treatment into two payments, or provide a monthly installment plan.

The process is easy, too, and no dentist appointment is required. Here’s how it works!

  1. Order your kitShop online now, choose your preferred veneer color, and pick between top, bottom, or full mouth veneers.
  2. Take your impressions & pictures – We’ll send you an easy-to-use kit that you’ll use to take molds of your teeth, and you’ll also need to take a few snapshots of your smile!
  3. Send it back and get your veneers – Send back your veneer kit, and Shiny Smile Veneers will build a set of custom veneers. You’ll get your new teeth in just a few weeks!

Order Your Shiny Smile Veneers Today!

Our custom-fitted veneers are a great way to cover a broken tooth without breaking the bank or seeing a dentist. So don’t wait. Shop online now, or contact us online if you have any other questions about the process.

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Make the molds

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Get better teeth!