Snap-On Veneers at Home

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Snap on teeth

When it comes to snap on veneers at home you may think that the permanent, pricey version is the only way to give people a movie-star smile, but the latest trend in the cosmetic dentistry field is temporary veneers. This remarkable new technology gives you a perfect smile at an affordable price, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it. Here are the steps to take to get a perfect smile.

1. Select a Payment Plan

Whether you’d like to make a single payment or installations work better with your budget, you can choose the payment plan you like. 

2. Select a Shade

Our snap on veneers at home are available in three different shades. Pick the one that’s right for you.

3. Order an Impression Kit

This kit gives us the information we need to create a perfect fit for your snap-on veneers. We will send it right to you, and shipping is on us.

4. Make Impressions

Simply follow our step-by-step instructions to create an exact mold of your teeth. 

5. Take Pictures

To make sure your snap on veneers are perfect for you, we’ll need two pictures of your teeth. Take one picture smiling naturally, and another one biting down and showing all your teeth. This will help us refine your veneers’ fit and look. Email your pictures to, including your name and order number. 

6. Send Back Your Impression Kit

Once your impression has dried, simply put it in the included return package and send it back to us. Our professional lab will get started creating your perfect fit. 

7. Receive Your Beautiful Veneers

Within 14 to 20 working days, your precisely made veneers will arrive at your home. 


It’s easy to slip your veneers on, and their exacting fit means they will stay in place. You can wear them all day, even as you eat and drink. Enjoy your bright new smile.

It really is that simple! You can have the youthful, bright smile you get with snap-on veneers at home, without expensive and invasive dentist visits. Take a look at what we can do for you today.