Snap On Teeth Veneers

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Shiny Smile Veneers

You’d like straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but all the solutions seem like they’ll take too long and cost too much. There is an answer that can help improve your smile and increase your confidence without the hassle and expense of braces, Invisalign, or traditional veneers. Snap On Teeth Veneers are easy to fit, easy to use and much easier on your wallet than regular porcelain veneers.

What Do They Do?

Snap On Teeth Veneers fix crooked and even missing teeth to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. The veneers are custom-made for your mouth and snap on over your existing teeth. There’s no need to do anything permanent to your existing teeth, like traditional veneers require.

Quickly and easily, you can have straight teeth, a brighter and whiter smile and be more comfortable and pleased with your appearance.

Why Choose Shiny Smile?

Shiny Smile was developed by real cosmetic dentists who saw an unfilled need in the market. Each set of Snap On Teeth Veneers is handcrafted to custom fit your mouth, so they look completely natural and feel great.

Plus, Shiny Smile has perfected a quick and easy process for getting fit, so you can do everything via email and regular, snail mail. No lengthy trips to the dentist or awkward fitting sessions. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed, and both the durability and the color of the veneers are warrantied, so it’s worthwhile to give Shiny Smile a try.

How Do I Get Snap On Teeth Veneers?

You can order right from your computer or smartphone to get Shiny Smile veneers. You choose from three different shades so you can match your own smile, or go a little brighter. Place your order and you’ll receive an impression kit with everything you’ll need, including trays and putty, to get an accurate impression of your teeth. Make the impressions, take photos of your teeth, and send everything to us.

In 14 to 20 business days, you’ll receive your custom-made veneers. All you have to do is snap them on and smile! You’ll enjoy the added confidence that having a beautiful smile gives you. Wear them all day long, including when you eat and drink.

If you’ve been dreaming of improved teeth but didn’t want the high cost, the long hours or the discomfort of traditional cosmetic dentistry, then Snap On Teeth Veneers are for you.