Snap In Veneers

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For Bright Shiny Smiles

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Many people who are dissatisfied with their smiles are discovering the latest trend in cosmetic dentistry: snap-in veneers. They can stave off or eliminate costly and uncomfortable dental procedures to correct dental problems such as chipped, crooked, misshapen, worn down, and missing teeth. They also cover stained and discolored teeth, eliminating the need for bleaching agents. These are rarely a satisfactory solution and can take weeks of applications with toxic chemicals before you see results.

What Do They Do?

Dental veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite resin that fit snugly over your teeth. In an instant, you can look in the mirror, smile, and see your new, perfect, movie star smile. Best of all, snap-in veneers do not require dental appointments. You can order them right from your computer or phone and enjoy your new bright, shiny smile in less than a month. Our veneers are custom made as a one-size-fits-all product will not be a perfect fit for your mouth. 

How Do They Work?

Your first step is to order an impression kit so that your veneers will be a perfect fit. We’ll pay shipping. You will receive two impression trays, containers of putty, and step-by-step instructions. We also have a video that will help you make perfect impressions. You will need a mirror and a stopwatch. The putty should be at room temperature. You mix the two putty components with your hands for about a minute and then put the mixture in the impression trays. This goes in your mouth for three minutes to make a perfect impression of your teeth. Repeat the process for the second impression if you are ordering both upper and lower veneers. 

Take photos of your smile according to instructions and email them to us. Choose your color: white, pearl or champagne. Then, mail the impressions to us. Using the impressions and your photos, our technicians will make your unique veneers for the perfect smile you expect. You will receive them in 14 to 20 business days along with an attractive carrying case. Snap them in and you’re ready to walk out the door confidently and dazzle the world with your smile. 

For more information and to order, please visit our website, or you may call us at  713-940-0633.