How Long do Clip On Veneers Last?

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Clip on veneers can last for decades if treated properly. By cleaning them often and not eating certain foods while wearing them, clip on veneers can last a lifetime! Extend the life of your cip on veneers by learning how to properly clean them.

If you are considering clip on veneers to give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of, you may have questions about what to expect. If you’ve been hiding your smile because of damaged, stained, chipped, or crooked teeth, clip on veneers can change that in an instant. At Shiny Smile Veneers, we’re dedicated to helping all our customers experience the power of a perfect smile. We help you achieve the smile perfection you deserve quickly, easily, and at a price you can afford, without the need for a dentist. That means no drills, no needles, and no pain!

You may be wondering how to care for your veneers, and how long you can expect your clip on veneers to last. Under normal use, your custom made, personalized clip on veneers should last for several years with proper care. Avoiding extremely hot drinks is recommended, and of course removing your clip on veneers at night and cleaning them daily with a soft brush and gentle soap is necessary to keep your clip on veneers bright and shiny.

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Excessive pressure can cause fractures in your veneers, so avoid grinding your teeth and biting or chewing with extreme force when wearing your clip on veneers to help extend their life cycle. If you must eat hard food, removing your veneers is the best option. If you cannot remove them for some reason, try to use your back teeth to chew hard substances. Removing your clip on veneers before eating will help ensure they do not become damaged, but eating soft to medium density foods should pose no threat to the integrity of your Shiny Smile veneers. Foods such as ice, hard candy, sticky or extremely crunchy foods, hard fruits and vegetables such as apples and uncooked carrots are best eaten once your clip on veneers have been removed, if possible. Shiny Smile veneers can transform your smile into something spectacular. Don’t wait another day to experience your best possible smile. Order your Shiny Smile veneers today, so you can smile and shine!

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