Clip-On Veneers Online

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If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to permanent veneers, check out our Shiny Smile Clip-On Veneers. These veneers can be worn at your leisure and do not involve filing your teeth in order to be attached – they simply clip on! Clip-on veneers are fast becoming the latest trend taking over the cosmetic dentistry industry and can be ordered online today.

How Do Clip-On Veneers Work?

Clip-on veneers are simple to order and there’s no need for a visit to your local dentist – our entire process is done online. Simply follow our online instructions and send us your dental impressions. We’ll take care of the rest to ensure you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

  1. Select Your Payment Plan

Payment plans range from one-time payments to installment plans, allowing you to make up to eight monthly payments, after a $299 down payment. Choose the best plan for your budget.

2. Select Your Preferred Veneer Shade

We have three different shades available to choose from, including bright white, pearl, and champagne. Pick the color that works best for you!

3. Order Your Dental Impression Kit

We’ll cover the shipping. All you need to do is order your impression kit and follow the directions included.

4. Make Your Dental Impressions

Included in your impression kit will be two impression trays and six containers of putty. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your dental impressions or follow our online instructional video. The key to receiving great clip-on veneers online is ensuring you make a great impression!

5. Take Photos of Your Teeth & Impressions

Two pictures of your teeth are necessary for us to make sure your clip-on veneers are perfect. The first photo should be of your natural smile, while the second should show all your teeth when biting down. Your photos can be emailed to, along with your name and your order number.

6. Send Back Your Dental Impression Kit

Once your putty dental impressions dry, secure them in our return packaging included in your impression kit, fill out our information card, and mail your impressions to us at Shiny Smile Veneers. You’ll receive your custom-fit, clip-on veneers from us within 14-20 business days.

6. Show Off Your Smile!

When you receive your new online clip-on veneers, simply clip them on and off at your convenience and share your new shiny smile with the world. You won’t need to worry about taking them out to eat or drink. Wear them all day. Simply remove your veneers before bed and for cleaning. Our veneers are made to be natural looking and even come with a carrying case to make it easy to travel and use them anywhere.

Why You Need to Order Your Clip-On Veneers Online Today

Obtaining your perfect smile is easier than you think! Shiny Smile Clip-On Veneers will fix your crooked teeth, missing teeth, and will instantly whiten and brighten your smile. Purchase your custom pair of clip-on veneers to improve your smile, as well as your overall appearance, and boost your confidence and happiness today.